What Are the Causes of Extreme Mood Changes in Women?


What is known as a shift in mood?

If you have ever felt frustrated or angry in moments when you are supposed to be happy or you may have noticed a shift in mood. These dramatic and sudden changes in emotion and moods may seem as if they are developing for no reason. Yet, there are some common causes that may be liable for mood swings and affect women’s health.

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Is HPV Associated With Fertility?


What is known as HPV (Human papillomavirus)?

The HPV infects surface cells (epithelial cells) on the genital or oral mucous membranes and other parts of the skin, such as feet or hands. Any contact of those areas with an individual who has the infection could lead to transmission.

Is there any relationship between HPV and Fertility?

When this infection is left untreated, many (STDs) sexually transmitted diseases can source to infertility problems. However, HPV shouldn’t influence your ability to perceive. Although you may have heard that HPV can source to infertility in women and men. That’s usually not the case. Some strains of HPV can develop a risk of cervical cancer. Removing precancerous cells and cancerous cells from the cervix can affect fertility.

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5 Most Prominent Myths Of Birth Control Pills


If you and your partner are sexually energetic and planning for birth control then birth control pills are one of the most common alternatives. It’s one of the most secure and effective birth control practices as it prevents unwanted pregnancy. If you want to stick on pills then you don’t need to worry at all. But many myths associated with the term birth control still endure making women confused about family planning. So here is some important point one should know to overcome confusing myths related to the pills.

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What Are The Health Risks Connected With Pregnancy?

What- Are-The-Health-Risks-Connected-With-Pregnancy

Overview: Every pregnancy has some risk but good support and prenatal care can help you to lower those risks. Factors like overall health, age, and other issues can increase the possibility of experiencing complexities during pregnancy.

Reproductive Health and Abnormalities:

Basic problems in the cervix or uterus can heighten the risk of complications or reproductive health issues like an abnormally positioned fetus, miscarriage, and difficult labor, etc. these problems can also increase the chances of cesarean delivery.

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