Are Medical Abortion Side Effects Permanent?

Are The Side Effects Permanent In Medical AbortionMifepristone and Misoprostol are the two abortion pills that are used to medically terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Many women buy abortion pills online and yet remain unaware of the possible side effects of abortion pills. One of the key concerns while deciding the method of medical pregnancy termination is the side effects and how long do they last.

When you end an unwanted pregnancy using abortion medications, the side effects encountered are not permanent but temporary.

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Medication Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Kit

Pregnancy Termination kit


A Medical Pregnancy Termination kit contains one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol. It is also popularly known as Abortion Pill kit. A woman who has a prescription for abortion pills can easily buy abortion pills online.

However, what are the parameters for deciding if you’re eligible for terminating an unwanted pregnancy through the medical method?

You’re pregnant with up to 9 weeks of gestation
The pregnancy is normal and there are no complications
The woman’s body reacts to the medications in a normal manner.
Age is more than eighteen years.


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Guide to the Female Reproductive Organs

female reproductive system


As complex as it seems, the female reproductive system has mainly a twofold structure which includes inner reproductive organs and outer organs. The female reproductive system performs many functions apart from letting the sperm enter the system to get fertilized.

This blog explains the various female reproductive organs and their role in the reproductive system.

Labia Majora:

This organ gives protection to the external other external reproductive organs in the area. This is often compared with scrotum in the male reproductive organ. Labia majora is called large lips in some regions as it is comparatively big and plump. It holds sweat and certain glands which produce oil. As you hit the puberty, this organ gets pubic hair for its protection.


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