Types of Abortion Procedure Which Can Be Done In the First Trimester


Abortion options by the first trimester:

Many women opt for medical termination in their early week of gestation however there are few countries where abortion is also done till the first trimester. Abortion is legal in many parts of the world but laws vary.

  • 61 countries permit abortion without any restrictions.
  • 26 countries banned abortion with no objections.
  • The remaining countries allow abortion with confinements, such as to save the women’s life or preserve her health.

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Guidance For Using Vaginal Misoprostol In Medication Abortion


Some women buy abortion pills online and later experience bleeding after taking the Mifepristone pill. However, in most cases, women use the second medicine named Misoprostol to complete the medical termination. Some expert says you should use the pill even if you experience vaginal bleeding after taking Mifepristone in the medical clinic. You need to insert four pills into your vagina.

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What One Should Know About Women’s Health Issues?


In the world of medicine, one important viewpoint that has come more to the lead over time is women’s health issues. Though in some parts of medicine women are yet under-represented in the study, such as in the field of cardiology issues that are definite to women have generally gained more attention. This comprises of the female reproductive system and more recently, female sexuality. Problems in these regions used to be lumped mutually when it came to research and study, but fortunately, this has been developing as women have made their choices known more firmly to the medical industry.

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Can Misoprostol alone terminate early pregnancy?


When it comes to knowing things about medical pregnancy termination and abortion pills, it is seen that rumors spread easily. Especially the consumption and efficacy of abortion medicine are often questioned or assumed.

Let’s take Misoprostol as a case. All we know is Misoprostol pills are the ones that remove pregnancy contents from the body and end the pregnancy. Due to this, it is natural to have a conception in mind that Misoprostol pills alone can be used for medical abortion. However, it is untrue. Although the Mifepristone abortion pill does not show visible changes in the body, it has a crucial role in the process of medical pregnancy termination procedure.

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