What One Should Know About Women’s Health Issues?


In the world of medicine, one important viewpoint that has come more to the lead over time is women’s health issues. Though in some parts of medicine women are yet under-represented in the study, such as in the field of cardiology issues that are definite to women have generally gained more attention. This comprises of the female reproductive system and more recently, female sexuality. Problems in these regions used to be lumped mutually when it came to research and study, but fortunately, this has been developing as women have made their choices known more firmly to the medical industry.

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Can Misoprostol alone terminate early pregnancy?


When it comes to knowing things about medical pregnancy termination and abortion pills, it is seen that rumors spread easily. Especially the consumption and efficacy of abortion medicine are often questioned or assumed.

Let’s take Misoprostol as a case. All we know is Misoprostol pills are the ones that remove pregnancy contents from the body and end the pregnancy. Due to this, it is natural to have a conception in mind that Misoprostol pills alone can be used for medical abortion. However, it is untrue. Although the Mifepristone abortion pill does not show visible changes in the body, it has a crucial role in the process of medical pregnancy termination procedure.

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Self Caring After A Medical Abortion

Self-Caring-After-A-Medical-AbortionProper self-care is vital for physical health and mental prosperity after an abortion. At the point when a medicinal expert performs an abortion, with pregnancy termination pills it is a safe procedure that carries hardly any risks. However, ladies should know about what’s in store after an abortion and how to plan their recovery and how should they take rest.

As indicated by one examination, it is likely that nearly 1 of every 4 ladies of childbearing age will have an abortion before the age of 45.

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Few Things A Women Should Follow to Stay Fit and Healthy


The attention on women’s wellbeing is significant because of the fact that a larger number of times, it isn’t just the women’s health but other concerns that come in the mind. Many end up being a mother to the kids and if their wellbeing isn’t at its top then it can determine poor health conditions and impaired immune systems for their newborns.

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Does PCOS Lead to Pregnancy Issues?

Does-PCOS-Lead-To-Pregnancy-Issues-minPolycystic Ovary Disorder- PCOS is a typical yet frequently neglected medical condition in ladies of child-bearing age. It affects both the metabolic health as well as the regenerative system and because of the impacts of excess insulin and male hormones. Weight gain, Menstrual irregularities, acne, skin inflammation, and excess hair growth are some regular signs of PCOS. Understanding the facts about PCOS and what can be done can make it simpler to live with and forestall long haul challenges.

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Frequently asked questions about medical abortion and its side effects


Before you buy abortion pills to end the pregnancy, there are hundreds of doubts that come to your mind. It’s absolutely normal to be confused and unassured in such a situation. That’s what makes it essential to learn about medical abortion and safely undergo the medical termination of pregnancy.

After conversing with thousands of women from around the world, the HomeAbortionRx team decided to answer the FAQs of women regarding abortion pills and their side effects. The following are some of the frequently asked questions by women with an unwanted pregnancy.

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Dealing with unprotected sex and alcohol consumption during Christmas


Christmas without alcohol is not considered a celebration. The two cannot be separated. Also, when you drink alcohol, sex is another thing that is more likely to take place during the Christmas celebration.

The impact of alcohol consumption on medical terms could be explained like this. Endorphins are hormones that are released when you have alcohol. They make you feel relaxed, eventually making you feel good. However, it makes you make decisions based on what you like at the moment. Though what you think is temporary, its consequences can have a long term impact on your life.

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Is Abortion Pill Safer After Having Caesarean Section?


Cesarean delivery, also known as c-section, wherein the healthcare provider delivers the baby with a surgical procedure. Some women have planned surgery to avoid labor pain. In most cases, it is performed if the gynecologist finds complications in the delivery of the baby.

Of course, every woman knows this. However, what women generally don’t know is about medical abortion after the cesarean section. Yes, you read it right! You can undergo medical termination of pregnancy. As per studies, previous C-section does not intervene with the working of abortion pills.

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Tips on Unwanted Pregnancy


Unwanted pregnancy and abortion are sensitive concerns for any woman. Since such a situation can catch you off guard, not understanding what to do is pretty normal. If you have had unprotected intercourse and then the fear of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, you can get emergency contraceptive pills at the earliest. With this, you can prevent unplanned pregnancy without having to worry about an abortion.

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Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis in Pregnancy


Overgrowth of bacteria in the vaginal area causes inflammation. Bacterial Vaginosis is one such type wherein the natural bacterial balance gets disturbed. This is more likely to happen in women between the ages group of 20-35. However, it does not mean that a woman apart from the said age group can’t be a victim of bacterial Vaginosis.

There is also some confusion among women regarding BV issues. 

  • Bacterial Vaginosis can lead to infertility in women.
  • BV can be a hurdle for early abortions.

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