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HomeAbortionRx is a website offering abortion pills online. Living with an unwanted pregnancy can be a nightmare for women. We believe, to buy abortion pills should not be a headache task for a woman. We understand the feeling she goes through during the phase and hence, we offer medicines that you can reach in a few clicks!

With our safe abortion pills, getting pregnancy termination medicines is no more difficult! We believe every woman should have a right to take a decision for her pregnancy and her wellbeing and hence we put our sincere efforts in helping them gain access to the rightful information and services.

We have abortion pills such as Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Generic RU486 in the antiprogesterone section. Also, in the prostaglandin section, we have pills such as Misoprostol and Cytolog. The core motive behind starting up this online platform is to provide safe pregnancy termination medication to women. This is to ensure that women can safely buy abortion pills online to end early pregnancy at home as guided by their healthcare provider.

How to determine preference of medical abortion over surgical abortion?

Medical abortion with abortion pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) involves the intake of abortion pills which helps in giving a more natural abortion than that of surgical abortion. While, surgical abortion involves a process of extraction and process of curettage, abortion pills do not involve such sophistication and only requires to be ingested orally. Few reports of surgical abortions have proved to be fatal because of excessive bleeding caused due to uterus failure. In some cases, women try to end their pregnancy through different ways that can be fatal.

Surgical abortion can be taken as an option if medical abortion does not stand to be successful even after taking the abortion pills or if the pregnancy period has crossed the first trimester or 8 weeks or if a woman has ectopic pregnancy or if they are allergic to the components of the abortion pill or have any pregnancy issues in which medical abortion cannot be performed. Surgical abortion is slightly expensive than medical abortion and it requires a visit to the medical center whereas medical abortion can be easily done in privacy at home at your own convenience. So most women choose medical abortion in their early stage of pregnancy.

What are the benefits of abortion pills to terminate pregnancy at home?

  • Abortion at low cost
  • No involvement of surgical instruments
  • No traveling required
  • Easy to understand
  • No long-term side effects on the body
  • Can be performed at home
  • You can maintain the needed privacy

This is a platform that women can rely on. Connect to our 24x7 Live chat services to get assistance on your abortion pill need.

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