Birth Control

Birth Control

Birth control pills & emergency contraceptives

Birth control pills successfully prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The following are the options available at Home Abortion Rx which can be used for safe prevention of pregnancy.

The following are the options available for birth control:
  • Ovral G
  • Ovral L
  • Yasmin

There are generally two options for birth control. 21-day pack and a 28-day pack. The 21-day pack does not have placebo pills which you find in a 28-day pack. If you are purchasing a 21-day pack, you must continue the next birth control pack after 7 days. For a 28 day pack, you can immediately start with the next pack on the following day of last pill dose.

Regardless of the number of pills in the pack, the efficacy remains the same. Some online pharmacies typically have the option of the progestin-only pill. The user must note that all the pills available at Home Abortion Rx are combination pills.

By this, the pill shall have progestin and estrogen components which make hormonal changes in the body, eventually leading to safe pregnancy prevention.

Emergency Contraceptive: Plan B

The emergency contraceptive pill must not be confused with the birth control pill. The pill does not prevent pregnancy beforehand. If you consume it within 72 hours after having unprotected sexual intercourse, the unwanted pregnancy can be prevented.