Importance of Reproductive Health

Female Reproductive health


In a recent survey conducted in the USA, it was found that 1 out of 5 women keep their reproductive health concerns to themselves as they feel uncomfortable to talk about their vagina, discharge, infrequent menstruation or the discomfort near the genitals. However, it is important that women look after their reproductive organs and maintain a healthy reproductive care routine.

Birth control method:

If you are speaking of reproductive health, the method of contraception cannot go ignored. If you are a woman who does not wish to get pregnant anytime soon, contraception while having sexual intercourse is a must. You can choose options such as birth control pills, condom,

Safe intercourse:

When you have sexual intercourse with a new partner, you can speak to him about problems such as STI and why you both should take a medical test for the same. This establishes more transparency between the two and helps have safer sexual intercourse.

Unprotected sexual intercourse:

When you have unprotected sexual intercourse, you should immediately take emergency contraceptive pill to avoid pregnancy. If it is too late to take emergency contraception pills and you are already pregnant that needs to be ended, look for safe abortion methods. For a pregnancy up to 8 weeks of gestation, you can buy home abortion pills and end the pregnancy safely. For any other case, you can consult your doctor get the abortion done.

Track your menstrual cycle:

When you track your menstrual cycle, you also understand the hormonal changes in your body, the ovulation period when it is the right to try for getting pregnant. It warns you about any complications that may arise in the reproductive organ such as PCOS.

Drink water:

Staying hydrated is essential if you wish to maintain a healthy sexual life. It additionally helps to keep the vagina healthy and better. A dry vagina can create problems in getting it lubricated during sexual arousal. There are also possibilities of discomfort and risks of infection.

Regular checkup:

It may seem odd to speak out your reproductive health concerns to someone however you have to consult a doctor at least twice a year for your reproductive health. If you still feel uncomfortable to talk to a doctor in person, you can visit online pharmacies or women reproductive healthcare websites who can guide you with your reproductive health. Consulting a physician or a healthcare expert through an online platform can be a great option if you wish to maintain privacy and get the right information about the female reproductive health system.

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