Later-Term Abortion- Good or bad?

Later Term Abortion- Good or bad

The later term abortion is termed when the woman undergoes an abortion in the third trimester of her pregnancy. Typically women use abortion pills for pregnancy termination if its gestation is not crossing the 9th week. However, for the second trimester, healthcare providers recommend surgical abortion. 

Speaking of abortion in the third trimester, it is usually not recommended to have an abortion during this phase. Be it medical or surgical. After the gestation crosses its 21st week, the pregnancy stage becomes complex than ever before. 

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What happens if you don’t bleed after taking Misoprostol?

What happens if you don't bleed after taking Misoprostol_

When you search for MTP kit online, Misoprostol is one of the drug combinations that you receive. No bleeding after taking Misoprostol can scare you since it indicated the medical pregnancy termination procedure is incomplete. However, you should not panic during such a situation. Instead, seek help from your doctor.

This blog guides you through a few points explaining what happens if you don’t bleed after taking Misoprostol.

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What is the gestation Criteria For Medical Abortion?

What is the gestation Criteria For Medical AbortionMedical abortion happens when a woman with an unwanted pregnancy wishes to end her pregnancy using abortion pills. There are certain eligibility terms for performing the medical termination of pregnancy. One of the criteria includes the gestation of pregnancy.  Before you administer the medication, you are requested to ensure that you meet the terms of medical abortion criteria.

What are the other criteria for using abortion pills:

  • Normal pregnancy
  • 18+ age of the woman
  • No allergies related to abortion pill components

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Is medical abortion a risk?

Is medical abortion a risk

Ending your unwanted pregnancy through abortion pills like Mifepristone and Misoprostol is one of the safe methods of abortion. Since the medical method allows you to undergo an abortion at home, many a time, its authenticity and safety are questioned. Having said that, women healthcare provider suggest medical abortion as a safe way to end the pregnancy.

There are many women who plan to debunk myths about the medical abortion procedure.  This blog sheds light on factors that help you understand how abortion pills are safe and not a risk for women around the world.

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