Is medical abortion a risk?

Is medical abortion a risk

Ending your unwanted pregnancy through abortion pills like Mifepristone and Misoprostol is one of the safe methods of abortion. Since the medical method allows you to undergo an abortion at home, many a time, its authenticity and safety are questioned. Having said that, women healthcare provider suggest medical abortion as a safe way to end the pregnancy.

There are many women who plan to debunk myths about the medical abortion procedure.  This blog sheds light on factors that help you understand how abortion pills are safe and not a risk for women around the world.

The money involved in the process: 

When you buy abortion pills online, you essentially eliminate the process wherein you have to spend on factors such as travel or a hefty amount on a surgery. Since the abortion pills are available at an affordable price, you can end the pregnancy with minimal amount.

The success rate of medical abortion: 

When you buy abortion pills, you must ensure that the medications are approved globally. Also, if you are administering the pills as told by your healthcare provider, it can increase the efficacy of abortion pills.

Abortion pills are 97% effective if you use them correctly. For example, when you terminate an early pregnancy, you have to administer the Misoprostol/ Cytolog pill either vaginally or buccally. If the pills fall off the place, they may not show effective results.

Risks involved with surgical abortion: 

Since surgical abortion is an invasive technique of removing pregnancy tissues, there are more risks involved in the procedure if compared to medical abortion. Though the procedure may not have any impact on future pregnancies, vaginal infection can lead to reproductive health complications.

Risks involved with medical abortion: 

The side effects of medical termination of pregnancy are not permanent. The side effects go as soon as you complete the procedure. The medical abortion procedure can take around a week to complete. Women heal from pregnancy termination within 7-10 days.

Besides, the medical termination of pregnancy does not have a long term impact on fertility, future pregnancies or even reproductive health of the woman. Hence, it is not considered a risk for a woman but a fortune for the unfortunate happening.

Therefore, medical pregnancy termination is a safe way of ending an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks gestation. It has minimal or no risks involved if you follow the instructions properly.

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