What is a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet Chart


We hear a lot about how we should be maintaining a healthy diet. However, nobody explains the Importance of a balanced diet. It is surely beyond weight management and looking fit. This blog explains why you should have a balanced diet for your day-to-day life.


Control Body Weight:

Having a balanced diet which feeds your body with enough nutrients help control the body weight. When you avoid having processed foods or fatty or sugary foods you are actually avoiding unnecessary fats on your body. Such foods do not hold the required nutritional value, Carbohydrates such as oats, veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc make you feel full for a long time. The high protein and nutrition intake support your metabolism which eventually contributed to maintaining your body weight.


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Importance of Reproductive Health

Female Reproductive health


In a recent survey conducted in the USA, it was found that 1 out of 5 women keep their reproductive health concerns to themselves as they feel uncomfortable to talk about their vagina, discharge, infrequent menstruation or the discomfort near the genitals. However, it is important that women look after their reproductive organs and maintain a healthy reproductive care routine.

Birth control method:

If you are speaking of reproductive health, the method of contraception cannot go ignored. If you are a woman who does not wish to get pregnant anytime soon, contraception while having sexual intercourse is a must. You can choose options such as birth control pills, condom,

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Diabetes During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Risks, And Treatment

Diabetes Risk and Pregnancy


When your body fails to control the sugar level in your blood, it is called diabetes. This occurs due to a lack of insulin. Although a serious issue, diabetes is a common complication during pregnancy among women. Pregnancy is something where women have to give double attention to their health. Whichever type of diabetes it is, you have to be even more careful during pregnancy.

The causes and symptoms:

Type 1 diabetes:

It is an autoimmune disease that needs
Increased thirst and urination
Constant hunger
Lost weight
Vision problems


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Can I Get into Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy

Intercourse During Pregnancy


Can you have sexual intercourse during pregnancy? The answer in a nutshell, yes but no. Pretty confusing isn’t it? Well, pregnancy and giving birth to a child is a quite delicate process. If are having a normal pregnancy with a clean reproductive health history, your healthcare provider may node a yes for having sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

This blog explains everything that you need to know about sexual intercourse after you conceive.

When you have a normal pregnancy with no complications involved, it okay to have sexual intercourse since your baby is protected in a warm, cozy and well-protected sac in the womb. Additionally, the strong muscles of the uterus help protect the baby better. The thick mucus plug shuts your cervix to protect your pregnancy from infections.

Some women experience slight movement in the womb after they get an orgasm. However, that’s not as alarming as such. Though your baby will not be harmed and it fine to have sexual intercourse, you have to be a little careful when you perform sexual activities. You may have to make changes in the positions. Especially the missionary position may not work when having sexual intercourse during pregnancy.


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