What Diet Should Be Followed During and After Abortion?

dirt plan during & after abortion

Women today can easily buy abortion pill online at home and receive the pregnancy termination medication at home, women have come closer to accessing medical help required for the medical abortion procedure. The online world has also brought healthcare guidance at your fingertips. If you have followed an online pharmacy, it will generally guide on diet during and after the abortion process.

The diet part becomes crucial in the process of medical abortion.

Here are some points which you can follow in the process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

Low-fat products:

If you had all fat-loaded foods throughout the medical abortion procedure, the pregnancy termination pills which you will consume may not be of use. When you have foods with more fats, the working of abortion pills is hindered, thereby become a hindrance in the process of successful pregnancy termination. Hence, it is advised to have low-fat food during the medical abortion procedure.

Easily Digestible foods:

Diarrhea is one of the side effects of medical abortion. If you have foods which can create problems in the digestion, it will affect your health adversely. Eating easily digestible food during medical abortion can help avoid diarrhea-like problems. Most healthcare providers suggest having a light meal during the procedure.


Fruits are always a yes when it comes to a medical procedure. Same is the case when ending a pregnancy using abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Fruits such as orange, apple can help a lot to stay healthy during the medical abortion procedure.


Nonveg food contains protein which is can help a lot during the process of medical pregnancy termination. You can consider having meat, fish or any other seafood as it typically has proteins. These foods help women recover faster from the abortion procedure.


While undergoing the medical abortion procedure, feeling tired is not uncommon. Most women lose all energy, as a result, end up having problems such as weakness, fever etc. It is very important to have fluids and also, drink adequate water.

If you followed the aforementioned instructions on maintaining diet while undergoing the pregnancy termination procedure. You can continue with this diet even after the procedure for a few weeks at least. When abortion medicins are supported by a healthy diet, the woman heals faster and can continue her daily chores the soonest.

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