Oral Or Vaginal Abortion Pill – Which One Is Safer?

Oral-Or-Vaginal-Abortion-Pill - Which-One-Is-Safer

Medical termination of pregnancy is considered one of the safest methods of abortion. Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit is an effective combination for ending a pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. See if you are eligible for undergoing medical abortion and then administer the medications as instructed. Since women can take Misoprostol pills in two different ways, they get confused if one method is more effective than the other one.

This blog helps you explain which method of taking the Misoprostol pill is more effective or which method is suitable for you.

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Things To Consider When Planning For A Medical Abortion


There are cases when women buy abortion pills before even understanding what is medical abortion. Getting pregnancy symptoms does not always mean that you’re pregnant. Confirm your pregnancy and make a final decision if you wish to end it using abortion pills.

While you plan for a medical abortion, this blog helps you know the factors that you should consider before ending the pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Spotting Or Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy


Spotting during pregnancy is not an unusual change to observe. Around 20% of women in the world say they see slight bleeding in their first-trimester pregnancy. Such bleeding during the early stage of pregnancy is typically lighter if compared to the menstrual bleeding. Similarly, even the color may be different in every case.

This blog guides women to understand spotting in pregnancy. This is not a sign of complication as many women have had spotting experience and yet they had a healthy pregnancy and delivery of the baby.

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