International Women’s Day: Better Healthcare for Women Everywhere

women's health on women's dayThis international women’s day, get tips on how you can manage your health emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Emotional health:

  • Make friends who can be of your support system when you need them
  • Try to face your fear and learn how you can lessen it.
  • Move on! Don’t cry over spilled milk
  • Learn about sexual health.
  • Don’t stress over an unwanted pregnancy. Buy abortion pill online to end it safely.
  • Have a hobby or passion for something.
  • Try to sleep for at least 8 hours and increase your productivity.
  • It’s okay to say no. Don’t get into overcommitments.   


Mental health:

  • Do not underestimate yourself.
  • Look after your body. If you want to do makeup, go ahead! Whatever you wish to do, do it with confidence. Don’t let it lose.
  • Treat yourself with things you like. If you are a person with a diet plan, have a cheat day at times.
  • One must deal with stress. This does not mean that you have to escape from the situation but find a solution for them.
  • Meditate!
  • Set practical goals. Learn to stand again if you fall down.
  • If you feel your life is becoming monotonous, break your routine.


Physical health:

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eat foods that can help your body nourish.
  • Exercise or keep yourself physically active.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Keep your body clean and washed timely.


Spiritual health:

  • Explore what you spiritually believe in.
  • Try to understand the situations and their meaning.
  • Do yoga or meditation. When alone, have a quiet time.
  • Travel more often. Connect with nature.
  • Love others. Try to find good things and help them.


Social Health:

  • Try to be friendly with others. Do not make yourself isolated.
  • Listen to what the person you’re talking to. Listening is also a skill which everyone may not have.
  • Don’t be a couch potato. Get yourself out of the phone, TV or the computer.
  • Don’t have a FOMO ( fear of missing out) because of social media. There’s a life beyond that.
  • Be patient with people, things, and situations around you.
  • Be kind to someone. Help others when they need you.
  • Express your love to your loved ones.


Know that a woman’s life is as beautiful. Women are beautiful and beauty lies within you. When you learn to love yourself and accept reality without having unrealistic expectations, you learn to live a healthy life. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



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