What happens if you don’t bleed after taking Misoprostol?

What happens if you don't bleed after taking Misoprostol_

When you search for MTP kit online, Misoprostol is one of the drug combinations that you receive. No bleeding after taking Misoprostol can scare you since it indicated the medical pregnancy termination procedure is incomplete. However, you should not panic during such a situation. Instead, seek help from your doctor.

This blog guides you through a few points explaining what happens if you don’t bleed after taking Misoprostol.

The ideal procedure: 

Ideally, when you take Misoprostol abortion pills, the prostaglandin elements should make contractions in the womb. This further should create cramps in the abdominal area followed by bleeding from the vagina.

This continues for a week or two and ejects all pregnancy tissues from the body. As you experience that the bleeding has stopped, it is requested not to check pregnancy status immediately. Your body may take time to get back to normal and hence it is advised to confirm the pregnancy termination a week later the bleeding stops.

How should you administer Misoprostol? 


The method allows you to keep the four Misoprostol pills from the Home abortion kit to be kept in the cheek pouches. This should remain for at least 30 minutes and the remainders can be gulped down.


In this, you have to insert the four pills in the vagina, one after the other. You can push them inside the vagina with your index finger. You should not urinate after you have carefully placed them in the vagina.

Possible Reasons for the absence of bleeding: 

Though the procedure of medical termination of pregnancy seems simple, it has the highest efficacy only if the woman follows every instruction given.

  • The pregnancy is normal
  • The pills did not dissolve in the body
  • Pill interacted with other medicines that you may be taking
  • Other health complications
  • You did not take Mifepristone before administering Misoprostol
  • You did not take Misoprostol the way you were instructed
  • You smoked or had alcohol during the medical abortion procedure

What should be done:

If you do not experience bleeding even after more than 24 hours have passed, immediately consult your healthcare provider. This is a sign of incomplete medical abortion, your physician can guide you to another dose of Misoprostol. However, you have to ensure that you fit into the eligibility criteria for taking Misoprostol.

To repeat the dose of Misoprostol, ensure that you haven’t crossed 9 weeks of your pregnancy gestation.

If you took the second dose properly, your pregnancy can be ended successfully. If you have already crossed the needed gestation criteria for aborting the pregnancy medically, you have to look for other option of abortion. Surgical abortion is a suitable option in such cases.

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