Can Misoprostol alone terminate early pregnancy?


When it comes to knowing things about medical pregnancy termination and abortion pills, it is seen that rumors spread easily. Especially the consumption and efficacy of abortion medicine are often questioned or assumed.

Let’s take Misoprostol as a case. All we know is Misoprostol pills are the ones that remove pregnancy contents from the body and end the pregnancy. Due to this, it is natural to have a conception in mind that Misoprostol pills alone can be used for medical abortion. However, it is untrue. Although the Mifepristone abortion pill does not show visible changes in the body, it has a crucial role in the process of medical pregnancy termination procedure.

This blog helps you understand how Misoprostol alone cannot end an unwanted pregnancy, and Mifepristone is an essential contributor during the process. 

When you plan to buy Misoprostol abortion pill, your healthcare provider is likely to recommend taking four pills of Misoprostol, 200 mcg each. The dosage format can be different in certain cases, and hence it is recommended to consult your doctor for the consumption of abortion pills.

How does Misoprostol function?

The pregnancy content removing an element in Misoprostol is known to be prostaglandin. These elements essentially make hormonal alterations in the uterine lining and bring contractions.

As a result, the woman observes intense abdominal cramps in the body. Within a few hours, the bleeding may also begin. In some cases, bleeding starts within 24 hours. It can vary from person to person.

When the Misoprostol makes contractions in the body, it is expected that the pregnancy is detached from the uterine lining. Without the separated case, the working of Misoprostol pills can get hurdled.


What is the role of Mifepristone?


Be it any procedure; one would always find two parts of the process where the first part is preparation. Unless you are prepared for the process, you can’t perform the task directly. That’s precisely what Mifepristone does for a medical abortion procedure. It prepares the uterine lining to eject pregnancy tissues from the body.

Stopping the growth of the pregnancy is essential in the case of medical pregnancy termination. Mifepristone does it with the components of anti-progesterone. Also, the part makes hormonal changes in the body and separated the pregnancy from the uterus.

Separating the pregnancy from the uterus makes it simpler for the Misoprostol pill to cause contractions in the uterine lining and eject pregnancy tissues.

No pill from the combination alone can end the unwanted pregnancy successfully. Both tablets are equal contributors when you undergo the process. After you observe the symptoms of medical pregnancy termination, you can take a pregnancy test. Doctors usually suggest taking the test after 10-12 days because, by the time, two things happen in the body. (1) Pregnancy tissues get ejected completely. (2) The impact of side effects gets lowered, and the body gets back to normal. 

If you took either of the pills alone, the chances of successful medical abortion get reduced. Also, the incomplete medical abortion procedure can create further health complications in the body. Hence, when you buy abortion pills, make sure you take the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills.

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