Guidance For Using Vaginal Misoprostol In Medication Abortion


Some women buy abortion pills online and later experience bleeding after taking the Mifepristone pill. However, in most cases, women use the second medicine named Misoprostol to complete the medical termination. Some expert says you should use the pill even if you experience vaginal bleeding after taking Mifepristone in the medical clinic. You need to insert four pills into your vagina.

How to prepare for vaginal misoprostol in medical abortion?

Most women will observe bleeding and cramping within few hours of inserting the Misoprostol in the vagina. The cramping and bleeding are generally heavier than what you have during your normal menses. Bleeding may start after the cramping and some women may expel blood clots which ranges from small size to the size of a lemon. The bleeding generally decreases after the pregnancy is discharged. About 95% of women expel the pregnancy within 24 hours of taking the Misoprostol vaginally. Some side effects may also occur after taking the Misoprostol orally such as vomiting, chills or warmth, diarrhea, nausea, headache, and tiredness. These side effects stay for a short time and go away on their own. Thus, it is better to take Misoprostol by inserting it into the vagina.

You will also require plenty of maxi pads and some pain reliever medicines if you can’t bear the pain and some other comfort measures such as hot water bag, warm liquids before you insert the pill. Make sure that you dring plenty of water, sports drink, juice, energy drink, etc. to avoid dehydration and do not drink alcohol or caffeine products. Some women say that it is better to have a partner when you take the Misoprostol pill. Although some women prefer to have privacy, however, they should know whom to reach out in case of an emergency.

How to insert Misoprostol Pill?

    1. Empty your bladder
    2. Wash your hands nicely
  1. Push the 4 Misoprostol tablets one at a time into your vagina as deep as you can, using your fingers.
  2. Your medical expert may advise you to lie down for ½ hour after inserting the Misoprostol pill.

Sometimes the tablets come out while you start bleeding so if the medicines fall out while you are bleeding then don’t worry as enough medication is absorbed to start the bleeding.

However, in case if the tablets come out before you start the vaginal bleeding then you can reinsert them or call your medical expert and ask him what to do.

Some women may think about what they will see when they bleed, so they may see a pouch-like sac that is grayish or white and looks slightly like a grape. You may notice blood clots. An embryo is roughly the size of grain at the time when the medical abortion is carried out and sometimes it is not even seen, only women who are close to 63 days gestation can notice the embryo.

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