Medication Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Kit

Pregnancy Termination kit


A Medical Pregnancy Termination kit contains one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol. It is also popularly known as Abortion Pill kit. A woman who has a prescription for abortion pills can easily buy abortion pills online.

However, what are the parameters for deciding if you’re eligible for terminating an unwanted pregnancy through the medical method?

You’re pregnant with up to 9 weeks of gestation
The pregnancy is normal and there are no complications
The woman’s body reacts to the medications in a normal manner.
Age is more than eighteen years.


Why do women prefer MTP kit over abortion pills separately?

If you can buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills online, why is there an alternate option of MTP kit? Since the price of the product is one of the key concerns of women, MTP kit is a preferred medication. Also, they find both medicines in a single kit which reduces their efforts on finding the medicines separately.

How does abortion pill kit work for terminating an unwanted pregnancy?

Online abortion pills or MTP kit which you typically buy have Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. To complete a pregnancy termination through medications, the development of pregnancy must be stopped, detached from the uterus and then expelled through the vagina. In the MTP kit, Mifepristone does the first two task and separates pregnancy tissues from the womb. The Misoprostol pills, on the other hand, contracts the uterus and empties it through the vaginal bleeding.

This vaginal bleeding remains for about a week or more depending on the gestation of pregnancy and how the growth of the fetus. For some women, the medical pregnancy termination procedure ends within 2-3 days while for some women it can take more than a week to complete. Make sure you observe the symptoms of medical abortion because they play a crucial role in deciding if the pregnancy has been ended or not. If you do not observe such pregnancy symptoms, you can seek help from the healthcare provider.

There are certain side effects of abortion pill kit which are not temporary. Some of them may show you continued pregnancy symptoms. Apart from them, you may also encounter side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc. Since these side effects are temporary in nature, you should be informing your healthcare provider in case they continue for a longer period.


Precautions while taking MTP kit:

As you take the MTP kit and undergo medical pregnancy termination procedure, you must follow the instructions given below for precaution.

Do not smoke or drink while undergoing the procedure.
Do not have penetration if you are having sexual activities.
Do not get involved in extensive exercises.
Do not be extensively active for physical movements, especially the ones where it can put pressure on the vaigna.
Do not breastfeed while you are on the pills. You can collect the milk before undergoing the procedure and then feed it to the child while undergoing the procedure.

The efficacy of abortion pill kit is as high as 97% and you can confirm it 10-15 days after the medical abortion procedure.

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