What Are the Causes of Extreme Mood Changes in Women?


What is known as a shift in mood?

If you have ever felt frustrated or angry in moments when you are supposed to be happy or you may have noticed a shift in mood. These dramatic and sudden changes in emotion and moods may seem as if they are developing for no reason. Yet, there are some common causes that may be liable for mood swings and affect women’s health.

What are the causes of change in mood?

Different experiences such as lifestyle changes, workload, relationship issues, changes in the female reproductive system, hormonal changes, etc. cause women to experience severe mood shifts. Let’s understand these issues in detail and learn how to manage it.

Premenstrual Syndrome:

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a combination of symptoms that occur in women 7-10 days before their menstrual cycle. Along with mood swings, this can cause changes in appetite, bloating, depression, fatigue, and more. However, these symptoms may improve or get worse according to age.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD): PMDD is a more severe level of PMS. PMDD strikes up to 4% of women in their childbearing age. Symptoms include severe depression, extreme mood swings, irritability, etc.

Only lifestyle changes are not enough to treat PMDD. they require alternative treatments such as dietary changes, stress management, and medications.

Stress: Anxiety and stress can impact your health and body in certain unhealthy ways. One such thing can be your mood. Anger, worry and a continuous state of frustrations can lead to severe changes in mood along with additional psychological issues.

Hormone Imbalances: Estrogen plays a vital role in PMS in mood, but other hormones can also change the mood. A condition called Hypothyroidism in which the thyroid gland doesn’t create enough hormones. This is a common hormone issue, thus, it can affect mood and also cause some other symptoms.

Puberty: Puberty is a period of psychological, emotional and physical changes in one’s life. Mood changes and unexplained reactions can be experienced in this stage.

Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to changes in mood and emotions. Also, pregnant women often notice physical changes and emotional stress that causes mood changes.

Menopause: Another big change in life is associated with Menopause. As levels of estrogen decline, many women experience a variety of symptoms such as mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, lower sex drive, etc. some medical practitioners will provide perimenopausal women with hormone replacement medicines to ease the loss of estrogen.

These are a few things due to which mood changes take place in women.

Let’s understand how to help recover the mood swings:

Do regular exercise: It is recommended to do exercise regularly as it helps you to treat mood swings easily.

Change your diet: It is advised to have a healthy diet regularly. Avoid products that include sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake.

Get better sleep: Sleep can cure a lot of things including extreme mood changes, irritability, worries, stress, etc. so it is recommended to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

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