Mifeprex- A Sensible Way To Discontinue The Pregnancy

Mifeprex- A-Sensible-Way-To-Discontinue-The-Pregnancy

One of the effective treatment which helps women to end their pregnancy with ease is a medical abortion with abortion pills. It consists of 2 pills which are used in a sequence so that it can help to end the unplanned pregnancy successfully.

Mifeprex abortion pill and Misoprostol together ensure that the pregnancy can be terminated easily without any need for anesthesia or surgery. These pills are FDA approved and verified so it can be safely used for the purpose of abortion.

Dosage of the abortion pill:

Depending upon the pregnancy period your medical expert will guide you on how to intake the pills. However, if you choose to take mifepristone alone then you need to consume 3 pills of Mifepristone. If you are taking the medicine with Misoprostol then you need to take 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol 800 mcg for ending the pregnancy.  Many experts recommend taking both medicines for better results.

Working Structure of the pill:

Mifepristone belongs to an anti-progesterone property. So it works by blocking the essential pregnancy hormone. After blocking the progesterone the second medicine Misoprostol helps to remove the pregnancy tissue from the uterus making it empty. This is done by causing contractions which leads to vaginal bleeding. Intake of both the pill makes sure that your abortion is effective if carried out within the first 9 weeks of gestation.

Side effects:

After you intake the Mifepristone abortion pill you may observe some common side effects such as cramping, bleeding, passing of big clots, etc. the side effects and symptoms may vary from women to women, thus, it is advised to observe the symptoms and side effects which affect you. Apart from these symptoms, you may also notice some other side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, high fever, fatigue, excessive bleeding, etc. there is a possibility that these side effects can get worse hence it is suggested to consult a medical practitioner immediately.

Important precautions:

  • Before you order Mifeprex it is important to confirm your gestation period. If the gestation is more than 9 weeks then you must consult a medical practitioner before using the pills.
  • If you have any kind of medical issue such as ectopic pregnancy, allergy to the ingredients of the pills, kidney, liver or heart issues, etc then avoid using the abortion pills

Do not smoke, drink alcohol as when used with the abortion pill, it can delay the recovery process.

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