5 Most Prominent Myths Of Birth Control Pills


If you and your partner are sexually energetic and planning for birth control then birth control pills are one of the most common alternatives. It’s one of the most secure and effective birth control practices as it prevents unwanted pregnancy. If you want to stick on pills then you don’t need to worry at all. But many myths associated with the term birth control still endure making women confused about family planning. So here is some important point one should know to overcome confusing myths related to the pills.

1- Long term usage of birth control pill affect fertility:

The fact is that there is no relation between fertility and the usage of pills. However, It’s suggested to take pills on a regular basis as if you stop taking the pills then it can result in pregnancy. Also, consistent and long-term intake of pills can prevent cancers.

2- The birth control pill is not safe and it causes birth deformities:

As pill gives safety against unplanned pregnancy. It gives other health benefits also. It is competent to say that there is no risk or side-effects of the pills, so far it has not connected to any kind of birth deformities. Thus, any woman can depend on the pill and can have a secure life with additional health benefits.

3- Birth control pill makes you gain weight:

This is the most ordinary myth of all birth control that still prevails. Many women assumed that they have gained weight due to the usage of pills. But it can be some other reason behind the weight gain so its just their psychology which makes them accept this myth.

4- The pill can only be used as contraception:

To prevent unwanted pregnancy is not only the main aim of the pill. Apart from that, it provides many other health benefits such as less ovulation pain, regular menstrual cycle, reduces acne, menstrual cramps, In addition to this pill also provides stability against ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, non-cancerous breast growths, cancer, osteoporosis, ovarian cysts, etc.

5: Birth control pill can cause cancer:

This is one more serious myth that the birth control pill can cause cancer. However, the fact is completely reversed. Women who take birth control pills have ⅓ fewer chances of getting cancer especially related to uterine or ovarian cancer than the people who don’t. Additionally, it is determined that safeguard form ovarian cancer improves the regular usage of pills. Birth control pills prevent the disease and control the hormone which happens due to hormonal disorder.

One of the health and pregnancy problem masters who is a specialist in woman’s health and working in the same industry for more than 12 years says that -there is no such kind of risk or myth which a woman should believe just by reading or listening to anyone without observing any kind of substantial evidence.

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