Types of Birth Control Methods and Their Working

Birth control Method


Nobody willingly wants to get into a depressive unplanned and unwanted pregnancy situation. Yes, there are options for ending an unwanted pregnancy as you can buy abortion pills or get a surgical abortion done. However, it is very important that you use a contraceptive method to have pregnancy prevention. There are different types of birth control methods which you can opt for. The following are a few methods that women can opt for.


In this method, one can prevent unwanted pregnancy for the rest of your life. The procedure is surgical in some places, medications are also available for the same.


Is it one of the effective methods of pregnancy prevention. Additionally, it helps the couple prevent the spread of STIs and STDs. There are two types of condom. Both male and female condoms are equally effective, however, not to be used all at once.

Birth Control Pills:

Another effective method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy which is largely used by many women around the world. A 21 or 28-day pack of contraceptive medicines holds estrogen & progestin components which make hormonal changes in the body and bring about pregnancy prevention. Since you can easily buy birth control pills online and maintain your privacy about sexual intercourse protection, most women use this way of averting an unintended pregnancy.

Vaginal Ring:

The vaginal ring is used by women who typically forget to take precaution before having sexual intercourse. Sexual activities can take place any moment without giving you any preparation and hence vaginal ring help such women avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It helps you have pregnancy prevention for 6 months.

How should you choose the birth control method?

While most women run behind searching ‘best birth control method’, there isn’t any ‘best’ as such. Choosing your birth control method can entirely depend on your lifestyle and what suits your body. For example, many women find it uncomfortable to have a barrier in the vagina in the form of the condom and hence they prefer to buy birth control pills Ovral G instead of a condom.

You can consider the following points before choosing the contraception method.

When do you intend to conceive? In a few weeks, months or years?
Which method of pregnancy prevention are you comfortable with?
Are you aware of the potential side effects involved with each method?
How frequently do you have sexual intercourse?
The number of partners for sexual intercourse.
Do you have any other health concerns?
Do you remember about contraception before having sexual intercourse?

On the basis of answers to the aforementioned questions, you can pick a birth control method that best suits your body & habits.

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