What Are the Phases of the Sexual Response Cycle

Human Sexual Responce


If you understand how your body changes and responds to your partner’s sexual moves during sexual intercourse, you will be able to enjoy the experience even better. Instead of having silent sex, if you’ll talk for a while, speak out your sexual desires, guide your partner to the positions you like, you can certainly feel the below sexual phases to a greater extent.


When you begin with erotic stimulation, the start of sexual activities, excitement is the first phase both men and women go through. It does not take more than a minute to start the phase. The vagina begins to lubricate as soon as they feel excited while in men, the penis becomes slightly erect. The vagina starts expanding and lengthening itself with an insignificant swelling around the outer and inner lips. Women observe swollen breasts during this phase. When you feel stimulated, there’s a sudden acceleration in your breathing, blood pressure and even heart rates.



After you develop excitement and begin with foreplay in sexual intercourse, you slowly get into the second phase of sexual response which is a plateau. As men’s penis becomes fully erect during this stage, with women, their vaginal lips become expanded. This phase has an impact on the tissues of the wall of the vagina making them a bit swollen with blood. Even the opening of the vagina becomes narrow. The color of inner labia in women changes during as you get into more sexual activities.

Both partners may experience sex flush due to pulse rates and breathing gets fast. It occurs on the neck, face, shoulders, chest or belly. Your muscles may contract around your thighs, hips or belly.


This phase is known to be climax which lasts only for a few seconds during the sexual response cycle. Men ejaculate semen from the penis in this phase. The vaginal walls of women tart contracting speedily. It largely differs individually as it largely depends on how every woman experiences orgasm. As both partners get intensely involved in sexual activities, blood pressure, pulse rate, and breathing remain high throughout time.


This is the time when you get back to previous states to rest a bit. The timing can differ from a few minutes to even half an hour long. While men quickly rest and return, women can take time to get back sexual activities and phase one. The expanded vagina may get back to its position, so do the uterus and clitoris.



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