What Are The Health Risks Connected With Pregnancy?

What- Are-The-Health-Risks-Connected-With-Pregnancy

Overview: Every pregnancy has some risk but good support and prenatal care can help you to lower those risks. Factors like overall health, age, and other issues can increase the possibility of experiencing complexities during pregnancy.

Reproductive Health and Abnormalities:

Basic problems in the cervix or uterus can heighten the risk of complications or reproductive health issues like an abnormally positioned fetus, miscarriage, and difficult labor, etc. these problems can also increase the chances of cesarean delivery.

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Tips on Unwanted Pregnancy


Unwanted pregnancy and abortion are sensitive concerns for any woman. Since such a situation can catch you off guard, not understanding what to do is pretty normal. If you have had unprotected intercourse and then the fear of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, you can get emergency contraceptive pills at the earliest. With this, you can prevent unplanned pregnancy without having to worry about an abortion.

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Guide to the Female Reproductive Organs

female reproductive system


As complex as it seems, the female reproductive system has mainly a twofold structure which includes inner reproductive organs and outer organs. The female reproductive system performs many functions apart from letting the sperm enter the system to get fertilized.

This blog explains the various female reproductive organs and their role in the reproductive system.

Labia Majora:

This organ gives protection to the external other external reproductive organs in the area. This is often compared with scrotum in the male reproductive organ. Labia majora is called large lips in some regions as it is comparatively big and plump. It holds sweat and certain glands which produce oil. As you hit the puberty, this organ gets pubic hair for its protection.


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