Why Should You Focus On Having A Safe Abortion?


Be it any reason for not wanting to start a family, an unwanted pregnancy can bring about a negative impact on her life if the situation ignored. Although there are safe methods of ending pregnancies such as using home abortion pills or getting a surgical abortion done, the importance of safe procedure is still not properly understood among women.

What happens when you don’t get access to safe abortion?

  • Continuing the pregnancy:

When the unwanted pregnancy gets continued, it can put women in frustration. There are many women who wish to end the pregnancy due to financial struggles. If such a pregnancy is continued and both the newborn and the couple feel the crunch. It is important that if one is continuing the pregnancy, the newborn is given the basic necessities and stable upbringing.

Raising a baby is not just about feeding a baby but it is also about to look after the emotional needs of the child. Also, if a woman is forced to continue her pregnancy despite not wanting to have a child, it can negatively hamper the nurturing of the baby.

  • Unsafe abortion:

If a woman who is trying to end her pregnancy but fails to share her situation due to pressure from society, she may go after unsafe methods of abortion. Women should know that there’s no ‘natural home remedy’ to end an unwanted pregnancy.

If a woman is ending her pregnancy through such unsafe methods, it may have a negative impact on her health. There have been cases where unsafe pregnancy termination methods led to fatal consequences.

What are the safe abortion methods?

There are two safe methods of abortion:

  • Surgical Abortion

In the surgical abortion method, women have to visit a clinic and get the surgery done through professionals to end her unwanted pregnancy. This is typically suitable for pregnancies with up to 21 weeks of gestation. The expense of surgical abortion could be a little expensive for women with average income. Also, abortion services may not be available in every region in the world.

  • Medical abortion:

This is a widely used safe method of pregnancy termination wherein, effective abortion pills are used to end the pregnancy. Using medications such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol, a woman can have a safe abortion at home. Since the cost of abortion pills is affordable even for women with average income, it is one of the most used methods of pregnancy termination.

Under this method, the abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body and remove pregnancy tissues through vaginal bleeding. Once the woman consults a healthcare provider to get a prescription for abortion pills, she can undergo the procedure at home.

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