Managing Medical Abortion Pain After The Procedure !!


With effective abortion pills, you can have a safe abortion at home and end the pregnancy successfully. However, the pain experienced during the medical pregnancy termination procedure is inevitable. Such pain is usually temporary and gets healed soon after the procedure ends. One may not require medications to treat a painful experience.

What should you expect after pregnancy? 

After you administer the abortion pills, you must experience the following changes. Consult your doctor if you do not face the below-mentioned changes in the body.

  • Cramping
  • Bleeding

Why do you experience pain after the procedure? 

Among the two abortion pills, the Mifepristone abortion pill has components to work against progesterone, the pregnancy-development hormone in women. Women generally do not feel any major physical change after taking Mifepristone drug. Many women continue to feel pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, weakness, etc.

It is after you take the Misoprostol abortion pill when you begin experiencing after-effects of the medical pregnancy termination process. Due to the prostaglandin component in the pill, the uterus observes repeated contractions.

Every change experienced after taking home abortion pills is a result of hormonal changes made.

The woman may also experience a few side effects of abortion pills. They can include intense stomach pain, nausea, fever, vomiting, excessive bleeding, diarrhea, etc. These side effects do not have a permanent impact on the body and get healed soon. Rare cases could be extreme wherein immediate medical attention is suggested.

How can you manage the pain experienced during and after medical abortion? 

  • Lie down, take rest.
  • Put a warm water bag on your belly.
  • Rub your belly or ask your partner to massage your lower belly area.
  • Consult your physician and take pain killer tablets in case of any severe belly cramps.
  • You can even use some of the over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like ibuprofen. However, it is advised to seek a doctor’s help in severe cases.
  • Follow the precautions suggested such as – (1) Not having sexual intercourse right after abortion pill consumption (2) Using tampons during the process (3)  Avoiding heavy or fried food (4) breastfeeding right after administering the pills.

Since the pain experienced during the medical abortion procedure lasts only up to a few hours, women may not need to visit the clinic to get it treated. The intensity of pain could be different in each case as it depends on the weeks of pregnancy and several other factors.

If you are following every instruction given during the abortion procedure and have administered the abortion pills in the right manner, you can easily manage medical abortion pain.

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