Why is safe medical abortion so important for women?


When women deal with an unwanted pregnancy, all they think of is how they can get rid of their pregnancy and have an abortion. While in such cases, the focus is on ending the pregnancy, healthcare of the woman is often ignored. 

This blog helps women understand why a safe medical abortion is so important for women. 

Why do women perform unsafe abortion practices? 

Surgical abortion is considered to be one of the most popular methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Since it is expensive, women who have budget issues try to find other methods of abortion. Owing to the fact that the education of medical abortion is very little in most states, women turn to other unsafe abortion practices. 

Most of the people in society create an environment for women where they do not feel secure enough to share their unwanted pregnancy problems. Besides, many women consider that an unwanted pregnancy or abortion is a very personal matter, and hence they hesitate to share it with other people. Such women eventually end up getting unsafe advice from random people. 

The impact of unsafe abortion practices: 

When women have unsafe abortion practices, they tend to invite many risky complications. A pregnancy termination which is not healthy or safe for the woman can lead to fatal consequences in extreme cases. Also, it can affect women’s health in the long term. There are many who face serious infection and other health concerns due to undergoing an unsafe risky pregnancy ending practices. 

What is a medical abortion? 

Medical abortion is a safe and secure way of ending an unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester. With a combination of safe abortion pills, women can undergo medical pregnancy termination at home and end the pregnancy successfully. 

What are safe abortion pills? 

Medications such as Mifepristone, Mifeprex or Generic RU 486 contain anti-progesterone components. These are one of the important contributors to medical abortion. Similarly, medicines such as Misoprostol or Cytolog contain prostaglandin components. These two pills also take a crucial part in ending an unwanted pregnancy. 

A combination of one of the first group medicines with four of the second group medicines is considered as safe abortion pills. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is one of such famous combinations which safely ends an unwanted pregnancy. 

How does medical abortion address the key issues of women? 

Abortion pills can be easily taken from any of the local pharmacies. Women can buy Mifeprex online or take any other abortion pills for that matter from online pharmacies. Hence, in the medical pregnancy termination procedure, access to safe abortion pills is easier. 

Since women shy away from talking about their unwanted pregnancy, some women healthcare websites offering safe abortion pills make it possible for women to get online assistance easily. As a result, many women take help from official online sources without having to give personal details about their identity. However, such healthcare websites ensure that medical history is available with women. 

Budget is one of the key concerns of women which a surgical abortion cannot address; one can confidently say that medical abortion is comparatively affordable abortion practice. Therefore, it addresses the budget issues of women regarding an unwanted pregnancy. 

When women take safe abortion pills to terminate their first-trimester pregnancy, the pills make hormonal changes in the body and remove pregnancy tissues through vaginal bleeding. In all this process, the after-effects of abortion pills remain only for a few days and do not impact the body in the long term. Since none of the after-effects has a direct or indirect impact on women reproductive healthcare, it tops the list in the safe abortion practices list. 

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