What is the combination that goes with Mifeprex during medical abortion?


Mifeprex is an abortion pill that contributes to the medical pregnancy termination procedure. However, it is not the only pill that ends pregnancy during a medical abortion. For a successful procedure, the user requires one more medication of abortion to go with Mifeprex. 

This blog helps you know what is possibly the best combination that goes with Mifeprex during a medical abortion. Before that, let’s get some more information on Mifeprex.

When you buy Mifeprex online, you can get it at multiple pharmacies. Choose the one where Mifeprex cost is low and where the website gives assurity of the safety of the pill. 

This Mifeprex pill contains antiprogesterone components that stop the fetal growth of your pregnancy. However, Mifeprex abortion pill cannot remove pregnancy tissues from the body. For that, the woman needs prostaglandin intake, which can be gained from the other medication from the abortion pill combination. 

What are the prostaglandin pills available?

  • Cytolog 
  • Misoprostol

Cytolog and Misoprostol are two of the important abortion pills which hold prostaglandin component. 

How do they work? 

The pills make hormonal changes in the body and eventually bring contractions in the lining of the uterus within 24 hours. With constant contractions being made in the womb, the woman encounters cramps in the abdominal area. This can be a bit severe than what is experienced during menstrual periods. 

The cramps begin within a few hours of the pill intake. It is followed by heavy vaginal bleeding, which starts within a day or two. In this vaginal bleeding, the contents of the pregnancy get ejected completely. Depending on the growth of the fetus/embryo, the bleeding can take around two to seven days during the medical abortion procedure. 

Which of the prostaglandin pills goes best with Mifeprex? 

Both prostaglandin medications mentioned above are equally effective and remove pregnancy tissues safely. Most importantly, both pills go well with Mifeprex abortion pill and work toward a successful medical pregnancy termination. What is more important here is how you administer the abortion pills, whichever combination you choose. 

What is the best way to consume Misoprostol or Cytolog? 

If you had decided to buy Cytolog online and bought it from one of the online pharmacies, you can actually gain more information on the ideal way of administering this pill. Same is the case with Misoprostol. Speak to your healthcare provider to know more on the administering part of Misoprostol or Cytolog

For a pregnancy which is up to 9 weeks of gestation, you have to take four pills of prostaglandin medicines wherein each of them is of 200 mcg. There are two methods that you can follow. 

One of them is called the buccal method. In this, the pills are supposed to be kept in the cheek pouches for around 30 minutes. The pills slowly dissolve in the body and do their job. 

The other method is called the vaginal method. In this method, you have to insert the pills in the vagina and push them inside. While you insert the pills, make sure that you have placed them in a way that they won’t fall off. You cannot urinate after vaginal consumption until the pills are completely dissolved in the body. It can take around 30 minutes for pills to dissolve and start working. 

Whichever method you choose, make sure you follow it correctly and also take the necessary precautions involved in the medical abortion procedure. 

Women should remember that neither Mifeprex nor Cytolog/Misoprostol can terminate an unwanted pregnancy alone. In the successful medical abortion procedure, women have to take both medicines as they equally contribute to the procedure. 

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