Pain management in abortion procedure


Medical abortion is a procedure that is most preferred by women around the world. However, it is a painful procedure wherein women encounter cramps in the abdominal area. The pain lasts for around a few days. Women who are sensitive to any change or body pain find it difficult to deal with cramps.

What causes pain? 

Prostaglandin is a component that is found in abortion pills such as Misoprostol, Cytolog, etc. These prostaglandin components work on the lining of the uterus. As a result, the contractions are produced in the uterus. This is done to initiate vaginal bleeding for removing pregnancy tissues from the body. And hence, women encounter cramps in the abdominal area.

Most women consider it a side effect of medical abortion pills. However, it is actually a symptom that the pregnancy termination procedure is underway. If you do not experience bleeding and cramping after taking Misoprostol, it can indicate that the pills are not working.

How can you manage it with home remedies? 

Take rest:

While working while undergoing a medical abortion procedure should not be an issue. However, it is advised to rest after you take Misoprostol. If possible, you can lie down and sleep for some time.

Do not insert anything in the vagina: 

Be it sexual intercourse or using a tampon during the process, inserting anything in the vagina can be harmful during a medical abortion. Not only does it cause infection to the vaginal area, but also increases the abdominal pain.

Heat pad: 

Using a heating pad on the lower belly area can help heal the pain encountered after Misoprostol pills. It is considered to be one of the best abortion pill pain relief methods for women. However, women should note that while you apply a heating pad on the belly area, do not sleep.

Eat light: 

Eating fat-loaded or unhealthy foods while undergoing the medical abortion procedure can create hurdles in its success. Medical experts suggest taking easily digestible light foods. It helps prevent medical abortion pain and also avoid digestion problems that may arise.

Are there any medications to manage pain during a medical abortion? 


If home remedies don’t help in reducing the pain, you can rely on medications that are generally taken along with abortion pills. You can consult your healthcare provider to know how you can reduce the pain using medicines. He/she may advise you to take painkillers such as Flexon. The pill helps lower the impact of Misoprostol pills and reduce pain.

In most cases, the pain goes on its own without any medication or home remedy. You only have to ensure that you take necessary precautionary measures so that its impact remains lower. If you happen to experience severe pain during the procedure, do not ignore it. In such cases, getting immediate medical attention can help relieve pain.

When you stop experiencing bleeding, it is a sign that pregnancy tissues have been removed. However, you must wait for a couple of days, after which, you can confirm the pregnancy termination success.

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