Oral Or Vaginal Abortion Pill – Which One Is Safer?

Oral-Or-Vaginal-Abortion-Pill - Which-One-Is-Safer

Medical termination of pregnancy is considered one of the safest methods of abortion. Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit is an effective combination for ending a pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. See if you are eligible for undergoing medical abortion and then administer the medications as instructed. Since women can take Misoprostol pills in two different ways, they get confused if one method is more effective than the other one.

This blog helps you explain which method of taking the Misoprostol pill is more effective or which method is suitable for you.

  • Mifepristone: 

The consumption of Mifepristone is simple since it is an oral pill. You have to take this medicine orally with a glass of water. Medical experts suggest taking one pill of Mifepristone of 200 mg power for terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

  • Misoprostol: 

How should you take it, buccally? 

In this method, women are told to keep the medicines in the cheek pouches. Since you have to take four pills of Misoprostol, you can insert two on each side of the cheeks. You do not have to gulp them but let the pills remain in place for at least half an hour.

The pills slowly dissolve and in half an hour, if there’s any remainder left in the cheeks, you can gulp it down after thirty minutes. These pills are taken on the second day of the medical abortion procedure. There could be a chance of vomiting. If you get any such feelings, you can remove the pill, and place them again after vomiting.

How should you take it, vaginally? 

If you are consuming the Misoprostol pills vaginally, you have to insert them in the vagina. You can sit, squat or lie down to insert the pills. If your partner is comfortable in helping you out to insert the pills in the vagina, you can ask him to place the pills in the vagina.

Take one pill at a time and carefully place it inside the vagina and push it with your finger. Before you consume the pills vaginally, you should ensure that you have emptied the bladder. Also, avoid drinking water for the next 30 minutes.

Which method is more effective? 

Both ways of administering Misoprostol pills work effectively on early pregnancy. Whichever method you choose, you only have to make sure that you have taken the pills as instructed. The medicines should not fall off from the place in the first 30 minutes.

Which is the better method of consumption? 

Since both methods are equally effective, women are free to choose the method they feel comfortable in. However, when you take the pills buccally, there are more chances of pills falling off from the place due to vomiting risks involved in the medical abortion process.

In the case of vaginal consumption, once urinate and empty your bladder, the pills can remain in place for the next needed half an hour. Hence, most medical experts suggest taking Misoprostol medicines with the vaginal method.

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