The Role of Mifepristone and Misoprostol In Medical Abortion.

Mifepristone And Misoprostol

Be it an online pharmacy or a medical expert, the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is the standard recommendation for abortion the pregnancy using home abortion pills. However, a lot of women do not understand the role of each medicine in the process of medical abortion.  

Mifepristone is a pregnancy termination drug approved by FDA. The drug has to be taken with Misoprostol to successfully end an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks of the gestation period.

Mifepristone contains Anti-progesterone elements. The said elements work against the progesterone hormone present in a woman’s body. This hormone causes the growth of the pregnancy. The working of the pill blocks its working and cease the pregnancy growth. Women may or may not experience any visible change in her body.

Misoprostol is a pregnancy termination medication which is taken with its drug combination Mifepristone. The pill is required to complete the pregnancy termination process.

Prostaglandin element present in the Misoprostol pill which causes uterine contractions. The tablet evacuates the uterus through heavy vaginal bleeding. All the pregnancy contents are being removed through this procedure.

The standard dosage of Misoprostol is four pills, 200 mcg each. The pill has to be taken 24 hours after swallowing the first pill.

 There are two methods of Misoprostol intake:

  1. Buccally
  2. Vaginally 


In this method, four pills of Misoprostol are kept in the cheek pouches. Two pills on each side. The pills are expected to be retained in the cheek pouches for at least half an hour and let it dissolved in the mouth. The remainders can be swallowed after 30 minutes.


The vaginal intake method of Misoprostol involves placing the four pills in the vagina. The user is advised to empty the bladder since urination is not allowed for at least half an hour post vaginal misoprostol intake. Clean your hands. Squat, lie down or stand on one leg to insert the pill in. Push the pill inside one at a time. Place it in a way that it shouldn’t fall down.

The abdomen cramping may start within 3-4 hours while the heavy vaginal bleeding starts within 3-4 hours. Some women experience immediate symptoms of pregnancy termination process while some within 24 hours.

The user may experience Nausea, Headache, hurl, sickness, stomach upset, mild fever, dizziness which last up to several hours and do not affect permanently. Medical attention is not required unless the side effect s are extreme.  


  • Do not use tampons but maxi pads to soak the bleeding.
  • Do not indulge in sexual activity. Also, do not insert anything into the vagina.
  • Consult a doctor if you’re allergic to any of the medical component. Also, take the doctor’s consent for taking the pill if you’re on any other medication or facing serious health issues.

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