Frequently asked questions about medical abortion and its side effects


Before you buy abortion pills to end the pregnancy, there are hundreds of doubts that come to your mind. It’s absolutely normal to be confused and unassured in such a situation. That’s what makes it essential to learn about medical abortion and safely undergo the medical termination of pregnancy.

After conversing with thousands of women from around the world, the HomeAbortionRx team decided to answer the FAQs of women regarding abortion pills and their side effects. The following are some of the frequently asked questions by women with an unwanted pregnancy.

How much time does it take to perform a medical abortion? 

If we include the time of recovery, a medical abortion procedure can take around 8-10 days to complete. Breaking it up, it takes two days to consume abortion pills, 5-6 days to observe symptoms of pregnancy termination and a few more days to recover from the procedure.

Are the side effects of abortion pills permanent? 

The side effects of abortion medications are not permanent. There could be a rare case where the side effects were observed longer than expected. In any such case, the user has to inform the doctor and get herself treated at the earliest.

Which is the safest method of abortion? 

There are two safest methods of abortion. (1) Medical Abortion (2) Surgical Abortion. Both ways are equally effective and reliable; however, if surgical abortion may have risks of infection.

What should you expect during the procedure? 

After you take Misoprostol abortion pills, you should be expecting two primary changes in the body. While the first change, cramping, shows that contractions are occurring in the uterus, bleeding suggests pregnancy tissues are passing. These are the significant after-effects in the abortion process. Hence, if you do not observe any of the changes, speak to your healthcare provider immediately. It could indicate an incomplete medical abortion process.

Can I have sexual intercourse while I am on the pills? 

No. Since the vagina goes through a lot of changes during the medical pregnancy termination procedure; it becomes vulnerable. Further, the heavy bleeding makes it prone to infection risks. Be it the penis or any other object; if you insert anything in the vagina, it increases the chances of severe infection.

Can I breastfeed my baby during the abortion procedure? 

Misoprostol pills from the abortion pill combination have prostaglandin components. The hormonal changes that these components make in the abortion can interact with the breast milk components. Though this is a temporary phase, prostaglandin components can get passed to your baby through breastfeeding.

It is advised not to breastfeed during the process. Instead, you can collect your breast milk before you consume the abortion pill and feed your baby while undergoing an abortion.

How soon can I recover from the abortion process? 

The recovery of the abortion process can vary from person to person. Women who follow the instructions and precautions during the abortion procedure are more likely to observe faster recovery than the ones who don’t. If there’s any complication occurred during the process, it may take longer.


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