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Zopisign 7.5mg Zopiclone Tablet

Zopisign 7.5mg Zopiclone Tablet

Insomnia stands as a widespread sleep disorder affecting approximately 30% of the population, as per studies. Zopisign 7.5 is a leading medication for the short-term treatment of temporary insomnia.

Functioning as a hallucinogenic agent, Zopisign targets the body's GABA receptors, significantly impacting mental health and inducing muscle relaxation while calming the nervous system.

Prescribed for a limited period of 3 to 4 weeks due to its addictive properties, Zopisign is available in various dosage strengths.

Patients must not use Zopisign without a doctor's prescription. The dosage must precisely match the body's requirements, determined by the doctor based on health conditions and age.